Need help logging in / forgot password / general help with site: Cheri Pettus,, 845-256-4060

Problem with a grade or assignment:
    Email your teacher directly through the parent portal home page (the first page you see after logging in). Teacher names are hyperlinked to email addresses.

Problem with attendance:
    High school: Judy Ragule, attendance, 845-256-4112
    Middle school: Rob Russo, attendance, 845-256-4201
    Lenape: Melanie Wolfrum, 845-256-4301
    Duzine: Melody Kajkowski, 845-256-4351

Main office phone numbers:
    New Paltz High School main office: 845-256-4100
    New Paltz Middle School main office: 845-256-4200
    Lenape Elementary School main office: 845-256-4300
    Duzine Elementary School main office: 845-256-4350